Why We Love Grace Church

The preaching is Biblical, Christ-centered and relevant for me, and my family’s lives. (Paul) 

I love how kids are made to feel like they belong and it’s evident that they’re always welcomed at Grace church, even in the worship service!!  (Leslie)

Grace church is a warm, friendly and caring community where you’re made to feel like family.  (Joe)

Grace Church is a place where the Truth of God's Word is preached and taught, and being a member makes me eagerly await Sunday every week!!  (Gerry)

Grace church is a place where God’s salvation plan is taught and lived out in the lives of its people.  (Thalia)

The preaching is always Biblically based, instructive and uplifting.  (Diane)

Grace church is a place where I know I can always turn for help and Grace has served as an anchor for me.  (Sue) 

Grace church is a place where my kids are nurtured and I can always receive help with my faith. (Shannon)

You can always count on the Bible being faithfully preached and applied to life as we live it today in the 21st century.  (Anthony)

Our Pastor, Rev. Ferguson, is always available to talk and to answer questions.  (Maureen)